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Ed’s Thread

Susan has been bringing her quilt tops to me for years. The last few times Ed has come with her. He’s been very supportive of her quilting but never said much as we talked about quilting designs and threads. Until this last visit. Susan made the above quilt for Ed.

As we were talking about possible thread colors Ed looked at my thread display on the wall. “What about that one?” he asked. As I was looking at all the threads I couldn’t believe he picked Karnak – what I considered the ugliest thread that never looked good on any quilt. To humor him I laid the thread on the quilt and to Susan’s and my surprise it looked great!

And then he described how he wanted the quilting to look like wood grain. While completing the order form I jokingly renamed the thread Ed’s Thread. I drew out a design, he loved it and this is the finished quilt.

We opened the second quilt Susan brought – it’s a colorful, feminine quilt. She wanted curvy quilting with an open design and chose the curly feather design. And the thread – we tried a few different blues and greens – nothing worked. So – you guessed it – we tried Ed’s Thread – perfection!

Susan and Ed picked up these quilts and LOVED them! Susan brought another quilt top. A stunning Economy Block Quilt with a Four Patch center – a beautiful purple fabric for the border and sashing. We looked at it, did some measurements and picked Celestial Meandering quilt design – lots of movement with swirls and points. No surprise – Ed’s Thread!

I can’t wait to see Susan’s next quilt – will it be four in a row for Ed’s Thread??

What’s under your needle lately?


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Get out your colored pencils or markers!

When’s the last time you colored??  I don’t very often.  And I’m not sure why because I find it so relaxing and creative.  Oh, I’ve bought the adult coloring books and the colored pencils…… haven’t you?

Let’s have a little fun!  Start by printing out your FREE Storm at Sea pattern.

Get it here! –   Stress Free Storm at Sea pattern )


Then find your colored pencils or markers..  Easy so far??

These are my favorite colored pencils!  You can get them at Michaels.

Using your favorite pencils or markers just start to add some color.  See how there are circles, intertwining shapes,  hearts, stars, medallions?  Freedom to play!  When’s the last time you did that??  You may want to look at my Storm at Sea Pinterest Board for inspiration and ideas.

What if you really like your design and want to make it into a quilt?  Print your free pattern HERE!


The two units used are the Square in  Square and the Diamond Rects. Follow your design to make each unit.  For example, the Square Squared on the left side would be a blue center square, red triangles on opposite sides and blue triangles on the other tow sides.  The Diamond Rects on the left side would be made by using a blue diamond with two red triangles on the opposite sides. The other two triangles would be light blue and dark blue.

Next post – how to use your Square Squared ruler!

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